Who we are

In a world defined by algorithms, artificial intelligence and problematic social media platforms –  innovative brand experiences that speak to human connection are more relevant than ever.

It’s not just about visibility. It’s about creating a memorable journey for the consumer – making the ordinary, extraordinary.

St Marks Studios stands at the forefront of this dynamic; transforming regular media and public spaces into realms of imagination and branded entertainment.

We create unforgettable, shareable experiences that engage consumers, leaving a lasting impression and driving brand loyalty.

By infusing creativity and interactivity into our campaigns, we don’t just capture attention – we captivate hearts and minds.

With each innovative campaign, we are not just showcasing a brand; we’re building a lasting impression, turning everyday encounters into lasting relationships in the bustling urban landscape.

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St Marks Studios is a creative brand experience agency specialising in Creative Out Of Home, Experiential, Special Builds, Stunts and Sampling for consumer brands.

Our dedicated team have expertise in an array of specialist mediums ranging from epic events to projections, public art and impactful murals.

We work with best in-class production houses bringing the best talent mix to every unique production we deliver.

Activations are designed to be amplified across every touch point.