easyJet Talking BillboardCreative out of home

We helped launch the next phase in a pan-European programme to encourage young women to consider a career as an easyJet pilot.

✈️ The campaign was launched with a “talking” billboard, featuring real-life easyJet Captain Sarah Acklerley who took time out from the cockpit to chat to potential young recruits in London.

✈️ A new survey by the airline found that 47% of young girls said they believe a pilot is a job for a man with 41% never having seen a female pilot.

✈️ A new online test is being rolled out in a bid to encourage more women to consider the career – and activated via a QR code on the poster campaign.

✈️ The interactive campaign also aims to debunk prevalent myths about the job, after research found that 57% of those polled believe that a university degree is required to become a pilot